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Bibl Arcade offers an enriching array of complimentary 3D Bible resources, encompassing assets, tools, and games, specifically tailored for Roblox's immersive environment. Our approach to biblical education is engaging, utilizing gamification strategies that enhance the retention of biblical understanding. Esteemed by a diverse audience of gamers, parents, churches, brands, and developers, Bibl Arcade stands out for its interactive learning model via Roblox.


The heart of our platform is role playing the BIBL CHARACTERS, who act as virtual mentors guiding users through scriptural journeys. These journeys are woven by BIBL VERSES, which form the narrative fabric surrounding our characters. Together, the BIBL CHARACTERS and VERSES construct the BIBL STORY, providing deep insights and practical lessons from Jesus' teachings that users can apply in their daily lives. Through this, Bibl Arcade not only educates but also inspires users to live out the values and stories they encounter.

Bibl's Path

God's grace has profoundly shaped my life, Joshua Johnson. My journey with scripture began as a child when the Awana program introduced me to the Word of God. This experience was deeply enriched when my father ingeniously added a touch of gamification to my learning. He would reward me a quarter for each verse I memorized. Although four verses earned me a dollar, the true wealth was in being filled with Christ’s teachings. Now, it's a privilege and honor to channel this experience into Bibl.Games on Roblox, hoping to inspire others in a similar way.

Our vision at Bibl.Games is to unify families in their spiritual journey, reinforcing them as a three-stranded unit that can pierce through darkness with remarkable strength. This concept is inspired by the biblical imagery where two strands are almost 50 times stronger than one, and three strands can increase the strength nearly a hundredfold. We aim to fortify family bonds by engaging young minds where they are most active and enthusiastic - on leading game platforms like Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, Decentraland, Sandbox, and Spatial.

In pursuit of this vision, we seek guidance and endorsement from church leadership, integrating our approach into both the church’s structure, including Sunday School, and the family home setting. Initially, we are tailoring our curriculum for Austin Ridge Bible Church in Austin, Texas. However, the blueprint we develop for Austin Ridge will be available for other churches, offering them a unique and engaging way to blend their existing curricula, like the Orange Curriculum, with our innovative gaming approach, especially during summer months when custom curriculums are often sought.

In aligning with our vision, we focus exclusively on scripture and interactive gameplay, without integrating any specific curriculum. Our aim is to complement and reinforce what children learn in their Sunday school curriculum throughout the week. This approach is designed to work in tandem with church teachings, offering an engaging, game-based method to solidify and deepen understanding of Sunday's lessons during the rest of the week. While initially creating this model for Austin Ridge Bible Church in Austin, Texas, we plan to make this innovative approach available to other churches as well. If you are a church interested, please email Church@Bibl.Games



Executive Summary

Vision: By 2035, Bibl arcade envisions becoming the premier destination for interactive biblical content within the spatial web, seamlessly blending the thrill of gaming with the innovations of the 3D internet.


Mission: Dedicated to enriching biblical education, Bibl Arcade offers immersive 3D Bible assets, tools, and games, primarily on the Roblox platform. Our approach integrates gamification to make learning about biblical verses, stories, and characters both enjoyable and educational.


Target Audience and Focus: Targeting children in digital environments, especially the 70 million daily users on Roblox, we aim to make spatial Bible learning engaging and accessible. In parallel, we focus on educating parents about the importance of this interactive learning approach. Our strategy merges digital entertainment with spiritual education, creating an enriching experience for the digitally native generation.

Get to Know Us

Core Product: Bibl Arcade revitalizes biblical stories on major gaming platforms like Roblox, offering an experience that is both fun and informative.


Key Technology: We leverage existing technological partnerships to craft compelling narratives in Roblox. Future advancements include the introduction of advanced AI for personalized Bible verse memorization, enhancing our educational impact.


Growth Strategy: Growth is driven by community engagement within Roblox, utilizing user-generated content, competitions, and collaboration. We aim for continuous enhancement through partnerships and technological innovation.


Unique Value Proposition: At Bibl, we are dedicated to bringing the Word of God to life through the medium of gaming. Our singular focus is on delivering biblical teachings in an interactive and engaging game format, with the conviction that this immersive approach makes understanding and applying these teachings more accessible and impactful in everyday life.


Revenue Strategy: Our objective is to transition towards self-sustainability, lessening dependence on donations. We plan to introduce a sponsorship model, collaborating with select businesses to integrate into the Bibl community. This strategy will commence upon reaching a significant user base, expected within 12 to 24 months.


Funding Goals: We seek the support of families and organizations willing to partner with us in funding ongoing development. Our initial target of $150,000 will fund the creation of the first 20 Bible story games at $7,500 each. The subsequent phase aims to raise $500,000, allowing us to expand our team and scale our ministry, focusing on the vast Roblox user base in partnership with Austin Ridge Bible Church.


Our vision extends beyond just game creation; it encompasses a holistic approach to minister the word of God to the 70 million daily users on Roblox, making Bibl Arcade a cornerstone of digital biblical education.



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