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Introducing Bibl Arcade: Revolutionizing Bible Learning in Roblox


Bibl Arcade's Mission:

Bibl Arcade, a novel initiative within Roblox, brings free 3D Bible games and resources to life, offering an immersive biblical learning experience. Our focus is on fun and interactive scripture memorization, accessible to all ages.


Why Support Us:

Your support is crucial in nurturing a new generation of Bible enthusiasts. We believe Bibl Arcade is key to achieving this goal and need your help to make it a reality.


Impact of Your Contribution:

Your donation will help us:

- Develop premium 3D Bible resources and games.

- Expand our global reach.

- Enhance the effectiveness of Bibl Arcade in Bible learning.


Funding Goals and Perks:

We aim to raise $49,999. This will fund the creation of six Bible story games ($45,000) and cover essential operational costs. Your support enables collaboration with game developers and effective promotion of Bibl Arcade. In return, you become part of a lasting legacy, bringing Bible stories to life for generations.


If We Fall Short:

Any funds raised will still be used to launch Bibl Arcade, even if we start with fewer games. We're committed to this project and grateful for your support.


Our Vision:

Bibl Arcade can transform Bible learning for 70 million daily Roblox users, making it fun and engaging. We're dedicated to reaching new learners and strengthening their faith.


Safety First:

We prioritize safety with private servers and guidelines similar to schools. Phase 1 focuses on the Austin Ridge Bible Church Kid’s program, aiming for a balanced mix of church-focused activities and outreach for children facing challenges.


Fundraising Campaign Roadmap:

- $7500 per Bible Story Game, with the initial focus on 20 stories.

- 100% scripture-based games and songs.

- The curriculum provided by Austin Ridge's Children's Pastor.


Creative Gaming Examples:

- Biblical Race Challenge

- Psalm Sing-Along Karaoke

- Bible Art Gallery

- Bible Charades

- Tower of Babel Building Challenge

- Fruit of the Spirit Garden

- Good Samaritan Compassion Quest

- Moses' Staff Challenge

- Bible Puzzle Race

- Virtual Bible Study Group


Join us in this dynamic, engaging platform to learn and connect through Bible stories. Your contribution to Bibl Arcade today can make a lasting impact.


Stay updated with Bibl Arcade developments. Share this with friends and family – your support can open new worlds of hope. 


(Note: No raffles or giveaways in exchange for donations.)

Join the Movement: Empower Through Gaming on Roblox with Bibl.Games

Bibl Inc is pioneering a unique journey in faith-based education through gaming. With our presence on Roblox, a platform boasting over 70 million daily users, we have an extraordinary opportunity to engage, educate, and inspire a vast audience with interactive Bible stories. Your support enables us to harness this potential and make a meaningful impact.

1. Individuals and Families: Be Part of a Gaming Revolution

  • Why Gaming Matters: Your contribution helps us leverage the power of gaming on Roblox to make biblical learning captivating for a new generation.

  • How to Donate: Choose your impact at Donate@Bibl.Games. Every contribution, big or small, plays a crucial role in our gaming initiatives.

  • Your Impact in the Gaming World: Get updates on how your support is shaping the future of faith-based gaming and learning.

2. Foundations: Investing in Innovative Education

  • Strategic Gaming Impact: Support us in harnessing the power of Roblox for educational and spiritual growth, reaching millions worldwide.

  • Partnership Opportunities: Let's discuss long-term collaborations. Contact us at Donate@BIbl.Games for project funding and joint ventures.

  • Transparency and Engagement: Receive detailed insights on fund utilization and the tangible impact in the gaming community.

3. Churches: Extend Your Reach on a Global Gaming Platform

  • Church and Gaming Synergy: Utilize Bibl.Games to complement your children's ministry alongside your regular curriculum, connecting with the youth in a medium they love during the week similar to Awana.

  • Ways to Engage: Explore regular contributions or special offerings. For more information, reach out to Church@Bibl.Games.

  • Community Recognition in Gaming: Active church contributors will be acknowledged within our network, showcasing your commitment to faith and modern educational methods.

4. Enterprises: Align with the Future of Education in Gaming

  • Corporate Responsibility in Gaming: Partner with us to make a mark in the rapidly growing world of educational gaming on Roblox.

  • Benefits to Your Enterprise: Gain visibility among a large and diverse audience, receive regular updates on project impact, and get exclusive insights into future gaming developments.

  • Partnership Details: For corporate partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, email Sponsorship@Bibl.Games.

Together, We Can Transform Biblical Learning Through Gaming

Your support, in any capacity, is vital to maximizing the biblical educational potential of gaming on Roblox. Together, we can redefine the way biblical stories are taught and experienced by millions.

Ready to Make an Impact in Gaming? Donate on this page or share Bibl.Games/Donate and join us in this exciting journey today.

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